Mexican Independence Day Celebration

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The Leavenworth Community Farmers Market strives to welcome and celebrate the cultural, racial, social, religious and human diversity of our community. As a small, mountain town, we may not have a lot of what people may consider 'racial diversity,' but we do have incredible histories, stories and lineage that are all worth celebrating. We would not be what or who we are without the presence of our Hispanic and Latino community members who bring bright colors, spicy flavors, rich family values and the ability to be such a strong agricultural presence throughout the world. We celebrate all that this culture brings to our tiny, 'Bavarian Village' and with gratitude, Happy Mexican Independence Day!

What is Mexican Independence Day?

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In the 1500's Spain took control of current day Mexico, and renamed it "New Spain." The Spanish government enslaved the local people and for over 300 years, the people of Mexico were forced to do hard labor in mines and farms for the Spanish. A priest known as Father Hidalgo was a leader of an estimated 90,000 revolutionaries planning to lead a revolt on the Spanish on October 2nd, 1810. Hidalgo discovered the intent for his arrest and gathered the people in his church where he delivered what is now known as "El Grito de Dolores," or "the Cry of Dolores." Although his specific speech was not recorded, the famous lines, 'Viva Mexico', and 'Viva la independencia!' encouraged the revolutionaries to begin their revolt the following day, September 16th, 1810. Hidalgo was captured and executed within the first year of fighting, but the revolutionaries continued and the war for Mexican Independence continued for another 11 years until Mexico was granted independence on September 28th, 1821. 

Today, Mexican Independence Day is celebrated around the world and usually is a 2 day celebration marking the actual day of the "El Grito de Dolores" and the 2nd day as the grand celebration for the "Dia de la Independencia." The Mexican President will re-enact the Cry of Independence and include the famous: 'Viva Mexico', and 'Viva la independencia!' from the National Palace. Mexican Independence Day is a national holiday and celebrated with parades, fireworks, dances, music, food and parties all in similarity to the American 4th of July Independence Day celebration. 

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