Give a little, Help a lot

Most farmers markets across the country are non-profits, functioning by the generosity of those that appreciate its services and believe in its role in the community.  The Leavenworth Community Farmers Market's mission is to:

Increase access to fresh, locally produced foods and other products of local labor for all people. We strive to serve culturally and economically diverse populations, and bring together families, neighbors, visitors and local food producers to create community and social gathering; to enhance our quality of life and foster a sustainable local economy.

If you believe in our mission and feel that the LCFM improves your quality of life and has a positive impact on the Leavenworth Community, become a Friend of the Market and help us expand our programs, events and support for local agriculture and quality crafts.  

Help us seed life into our future!  

Friend of the Market Levels of Support

Many thanks from The LCFM Family. See you in June!