Market Freshies - Eggs, Pork, Lamb and Beef Oh My!

The LCFM is thrilled to have Green Bow Farm attending our market this year!  Green Bow Farm is a 20 acre farm in Ellensburg WA that uses multi-species rotational grazing to produce nutrient dense eggs and grass-fed meats.  They move chickens, turkeys, sheep and cattle around on their pastures in a way that promotes the health of the soil and in turn the health of the animals.  They never use chemicals and their animals never have been given hormones or antibiotics.  

This year they will be providing pastured raised eggs, beef, pork and lamb at the Leavenworth Market.

On top of the nutrient dense eggs and meat, they'll be brining home-made soaps and hand salves made from their grass fed tallows, along with yarn, lambskin and wool dryer balls. 

Green Bow will be at the LCFM every other market, beginning June 8th.  Make sure you come out and show your support! 

Check out their website: for more details or

email them at